Washington DC 07.07.2009

Times are changing and so are governors, the world needs to readapt to a new situation of peace and growth by living together. Nowadays the mass media offer us the chance to share information and experiences with brothers and people living in different latitudes we did not known as far as yesterday, but today we can celebrate the globalization of an integrated humanity – when we reach this ideal, we will discover real Peace.

Today people fight to get power, but others fight for a better future for every culture, as there always have been men fighting each other because of ignorance or egotism. The many current crisis in the world involve all of us, even though at different levels, giving evidence of the fact that we all are responsible for our big house, the world, where distance really does not count. We also know that we are living the better era of the integration of our humanity and that governments should take advantage of it through their ability, good principles and intelligence, to further develop this era with a joint effort to enhance human wellbeing. This will definitely brings solutions to the big issues we have been facing for a long time as terrorism and wars, which are predictable facts as they are planned to eliminate human beings and underestimate the highest existing value, human life.

Today the World Organization for Peace OMPP WOFP wants to express its appreciation for the historic agreement signed by the heads of state of the governments of the United States of North America, HE President Barack Obama, and of the Russian Federation, HE President Dimitry Medvedev, who decided to reduce nuclear missiles.

This positive decision was taken by common consent by the two world forces during the Summit of Mosque on the 6th July 2009, with the common aim to reduce by a third the nuclear warheads owned by the two countries. Starting the world reduction of weapons is the beginning of a new chapter that will provide security to the world, and the remaining countries will have to do the same, joining this program of disarmament.

We know that other countries are testing and equipping with new nuclear weapons, as a way to show their power and ability in this world challenge where every country wants to appear the most powerful – but in doing so, they put at risk the entire world population, hostage of a nightmare difficult to stop.

The world is a nuclear warehouse that could explode thousands of times and we all should be aware of that. It is also a great task we have to carry out in order to find a solution and destroy all the highly dangerous arms, as all the other tasks will make no sense in case of a massive confrontation or a human mistake.

We are today highly satisfied by the agreement signed during the Summit of Moscow by the two powerful countries, U.S.A. and Russia, as a further step after the previous agreement named START, Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. We are aware that these are only agreements, that nothing can be resolved in only one day, unless big countries are prepared, as in this case with their antimissiles systems, to any threat to the human beings. We also know that internal and external pressures on war industry decision makers are very high. But war industry should be dismantled and put in the museum of memory. We know as well that the decision taken by the new governors of the U.S.A. and Russia can change human history for the better and secure its future.

This new agreement forces Russia and the United States to reduce their nuclear arsenal to 1,500 - 1,675 operational warheads and to limit the means of distributions of nuclear warheads to 500 - 1,100 items in seven years starting from the moment the agreement comes into force. People who believe in the true value of Peace celebrate today this achievement, as it is an example for other governments to quickly join this nuclear reduction program.

The amount of nuclear arms in the world today is so high that we cannot be safe in our houses, while we desire to further reduce the number of nuclear warheads and means of distributions as ballistic missiles, submarines or bombers or other war instruments that threaten humankind, such as in the sad occasions of Hiroshima or Nagasaki, facts that should never happen again.

We listened to your different commitments from the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Mr. Serguei Lavrov, who declared to the major Russian broadcaster: “We need to find a balance and I’m referring in particular to nuclear missiles that must be reduced at the maximum”, referring to intercontinental missiles, submarines and strategic bombers. On the other hand, the President of the United States of North America, Mr. Barack Obama, stated: “We signed a joint agreement to follow up the START treaty, which reduces our nuclear warheads and our means of distribution by a third, as stated by our current treaty”, referring to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, adding: “that will lead to a future without arms”. This last sentence makes clear that this is not just a long term goal from a world statesman with good principles, but a real need that we can face with common sense and leaving aside particular interests of the countries. There are governors who recognize the true value of human life and, in the final evaluation; we will see that all of us will benefit from their actions.

This agreement is only a first step, paths are always to be followed to reach the desired goal, for this reason we consider the step taken by the U.S.A. and Russia as a good starting point to reach a future of Peace and a better world.

Carlos Peralta
World Organization for Peace

Washington DC 07.07.2009