Medallion awarded by the Italian Republic
Cup awarded by the Italian Republic's Chamber of Deputies
"A Goal for Peace" Cup by Luigi Berlusconi
Photo 4 Jorvan Vieira receives the Senate medallion.
Silvinhio del Barca being interviewed by SKY Television.



OMPP WOFP - A Goal for Peace
Un Goal per la Pace
Photo by Mediaset Sport


How difficult it is to convince man that, with everyone's help, we can achieve positive signs of Peace. In this age of erroneous confrontations, of hate and rancor, discrimination, cynicism and ignorance, a simple, positive sign such as a peaceful football match can go a long way towards creating general harmony and concord, which simply means living peacefully and respectfully alongside our brothers, neighbors and fellow man without having differences due to politics, religion, skin color, or culture. It takes very little effort to discover that we are all one, especially in this era of rapid communications in which we have become well aware that distances are of little consequence. In this era, our similarities are clearly reflected, making us understand that heretofore unknown relationships now exist between us.

Therefore, since we are all so close to one another and since we have had the good fortune of discovering one other, we must learn how to make the most of it by sharing and enjoying this good fortune in peace, alongside our fellow man. On December 22, 2008, in the Meaza Stadium in San Siro, Milan, Italy, a friendly sports event was held between the Iraqi National Selection and the World Selection of Peace Ambassadors, coached by World Cup Technical Director Pep Guardiola, assisted by his colleagues Carlo Ancelotti and J.C. Garcia. In this game, the National Selection of Irak, coached by Technical Director Jorvan Vierira, once more demonstrated their excellent skills on the field. The Catalanian Guardiola's team won 2-1. Guardiola, a gentleman and man of peace who directs the Barcelona International, stated that, in this game, "there are no winners or losers – today the winner is Peace".

Many people expected to see a world cup in San Siro. Others were disappointed that some international soccer figures failed to show for the game, or that there were mix-ups, and directors who did not allow players from their teams to participate. This is because an international football star cannot risk injury in a non-profit game – these men are worth millions!

Perhaps it is not understood that peace, and sometimes even the saving of lives, has no price…

The fog was very thick that night, and it sometimes obscured the actions of these goodwill ambassadors on the field. But in the end, the images transmitted to the world proved that these football players and standard-bearers of "Fair Play" are symbols of peace.

It was a great effort - achieved by everyone involved - to receive the National Selection of a country at war, with Europe as the host. This was accomplished without the need to send soldiers, and it gave the Iraqis the opportunity to fly their flag in Italian territory. It bestowed honor upon men from a country that needs small satisfactions such as this: to simply feel respected. Many thanks to the Iraq Selection soccer players for attending this event organized to entirely benefit humanitarian institutions. Thanks also to Ambassadors of Peace footballers such as Pandev, Rocchi, Karpin, Milla, Sergi, Cuellar, Guillermo Ochoa, the Gold Ball Award winner from Africa Mustapha Hadji, Silvinho, Roqui, among so many others who went to the trouble of arriving from different countries simply to fulfill their commitment as the men of peace that they are.

In addition, many thanks to teams such as the Lazio, Barcelona International, Palermo, Fiorentina, NY Red Bull, Club Lussemburg, Club America from Mexico, Deportivo Cali, Boca Jr., Cagliari, Nante, the Letonia National Selection, Spartak, Lecce and the world selection of soccer veterans coached by the mythic Catalanian Josep Maria Fuste who contributed his efforts to convince many players to make this sports event possible. In Irak the live event was seen on December 22nd and the following day the replay was transmitted by Al Iraki TV (linked with RAI TV). During those two days no atrocities or clashes occurred, which clearly demonstrates how much soccer can contribute to world peace. The same phenomena has been observed during World Cup games – during the games period the world has been free of terrorist attempts, which means that this sport can work miracles towards saving and prolonging lives. We must not ignore the fact that a single life is of incalculable value.

And finally, we offer our thanks to football. During these last few decades, soccer has brought about healthy behavior, sports development, and entertainment to people around the world. It has also produced results such as this, representing one more attempt to contribute towards a better world through a sport that promotes a culture of peace.

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Pep Guardiola
Barcelona F.C.
Carlo Ancelotti
A.C. Milan
Josep María Fusté

Josep Maria Fuste (the legendary Catalanian), TD of the World Veteran Selection, who was the man who made it possible for this match to be played for Peace.

Premio Copa Cámara de Diputados de Italia
Premio Raffaello Fellah, Un Goal per la Pace del Renombrado Artista Carlo Perone
Copa Un Goal per la Pace Angelo Moratti
Plaquetas de la Fundación Patrizio Paoleti
Seleccionador de la nacional irakena con al televisión de Al Irakia