World Organization for the Human Compensation - WOHC

The World Organization for the Human Compensation (WOHC) is an internal department of the WOFP, which works and contributes in programs to alleviate human hunger.
Taking into account that menís basic human need is his daily nourishment to be able to count with enough strength to pass through lifeís different levels. For that reason, this area has been developing programs with volunteers that cover different specialties, contributing to human harmony. Man needs of this basic essential dignity, which is, to be able to have at oneís disposal daily nourishment for his normal performance.

The World Organization for Peace is working in this subject in different levels, with educational programs, labor programs and programs of exchange between organizations. Organizations with people, people among them, between enterprises and also enterprises and governments, calling also towards the collaboration between these and setting up the old barter or exchange of products and technologies, that will make it possible produce and in that way alleviate the hunger worldwide.
This will progress in the places where the overproduction is in high levels, and can be replaced through the exchange or barter, the compensation and exchange of machinery for products.
This will generate that those with less resources or belonging to the third world, have access to the good predisposition of the solidarity of the first world. The mentioned participation will count with the exchange of machinery and it will cover the sowing as well as the harvesting in those countries that even though they count with favorable lands, unfortunately they do not have the resources or tools to develop this activity, which would help to alleviate the hunger totally or partially.

The WOHC has determined under the guidelines of the WOFP, to cooperate in an unselfish manner. In this way, each program of the WOHC to be developed, once it has been agreed, will be raised to the FAO/IFAD, with copies to the UN for its execution.

The Permanent Committee of the World Organization for the Human Compensation (WOHC), will work with these test programs in its first stage, handing out seeds for the sow, and motivating exchanges of machinery for products that will be given in a near future according to the barter that has been agreed, furthermore it will not only alleviate the famine, and at the same time it will also give new working sources and it will contribute to a agricultural culture of support in places where the famine, attempts culture, health and life.

This program is named VITO H, and it is available for your search in our web page to be implemented in any part of the world by who ever wishes to.