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The President of the Paraguay I KNOW Fernando Lugo Méndez with the President of the World Organization for the Peace Dr. Carlos Peralta and the Dr. Jorge Antonio Cinque, The Director of the World Humanitarian Bank.

The Mister President of Paraguay I KNOW Fernando Lugo Méndez, he(she) greets the Mister President of the OMPP Carlos Peralta.

( Belize, 21.02.2012) The Secretary of the Treasury of Honourable Belize Herwin R. Contreras met executives of the OMPP, who announced the headquarters of the OMPP in Belmopán Capital's City of Belize and on the activities of the WHBANK and his(her,your) humanitarian programs.


The members of the procession of the OMPP, they visit the Center of Peace George Price in Belmopán Belice. George Price was an important personality in the history of Belize, who has contributed(paid) for an impulse and development in favour of this territory of the Carib, based on a Culture of Peace and General Well-being to the population.

Forehead(Front) of the CIAR of the World Organization for the Peace, International Center of Reciprocal Agreements between(among) Nations, Peoples(Villages) and Cultures, located in the Street Sky 14 in Cancún's center. The Embassy for the Peace of the OMPP, headquarters that was inaugurated in his(her,your) first stage, to contribute(pay) in favour of a Culture of Peace.

( Cancún 19.02.2012) I deliver Him(You,Them) the book Messages of Peace for the New Millenium, which realized the OMPP in tax to the UNO, which contains the exclusive messages of Peace of 192 chiefs of member states of the United Nations, the President of the OMPP Carlos Peralta who received of the Visitor's appointment Distinguished on the part of H. Constitutional town hall of Benito Juárez, Cancún Quintana I Gnaw, Mexico and the Mister Director of Cancún Dr's Tourism. Máximo García.

( Monterrey 27/01/2012). The President of the OMPP Carlos Peralta we see it together with the Mayan Chief Ac Tah, who in name of his(her,your) Mayan community, revealed in planetary Monterrey's ALPHA see more

Lic. Mario Monge Secretario of San's Pedro Culture, New León accompanied on his(her,your) collaborators, in the scientific event that the OMPP realized, " That happens in the Planet "

( Geneva 29/12/2011). The World Organization for the Peace, he(she) concluded the year 2011 with solidary(joint) programs and new projections to contribute(pay) to a better world, between(among) them the global program of " Joint Solutions " that was presented and seated in minutes see more

Participating members of the Volunteer Firefighter Squad of Lorenzago di Cadore and Provincial Command Center Chief of Vigili al Fuoco de Belluno, along with members of this delegation, are pictured here after the chiefs of both service squads received distinguishing awards from the WOFP's "Firemen for Peace" Agency. More information

With the Volunteer Firefighter Station in Vigili al Fuoco de Lorenzago di Cadore in the background, firefighters from this station stand with their captain next to the air-powered car. Also pictured are the Captain and firefighter squad from the Central Provincial Command Station in Vigili al Fuoco de Belluno.

The President of the World Organization for Peace OMPP WOFP, speaking to religious leaders after Imam Hussain and Rabbi Sztokman shared a fraternal embrace. They should be congratulated for this exemplary gesture, which moved everyone present. It reminds us that Jews and Muslims have shared many acts such as this as they coexisted for centuries under the same roof as Abraham, father of the three monotheistic religions.




The actor Michael Douglas, United Nations Ambassador of Peace, and Carlos Peralta, president of the OMPP WOFP. The slogan: "Always to Serve".

Launching of the Ameri Peace Cup in Mexico. Pictured here is the Mayor of Cancun, Mexico accompanied by OMPP WOFP President Carlos Peralta, and delegate to Mexico Mr. Ernesto Elizondo.

Patricia Espinosa, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico and incumbent President of the COP 16 and CP 16 and CP/RP6
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Lecce International Capital of Youths for Peace.
Youths from GPACE receive news of the nomination of Lecce as "International Capital of Youths for Peace 2009", nominated by OMPP WOFP.
Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo stands next to FIFA President Jacques Anouma and OMPP President Carlos Peralta during the official reception at the presidential residence in Abidjan. (Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 2007)
Swiss Confederation President and Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy Rey stands next to OMPP WOFP President Carlos Peralta. From the inception of the book edition honoring the United Nations, Messages of Peace for the New Millenium, President Calmy Rey confirmed her sponsorship of this universal literary work written by heads of state and United Nations members. She also reaffirmed her commitment to peace.
Senator-for-Life and former President of the Italian Council of Ministers Giulio Andreotti on his 90th birthday, accompanied by OMPP WOFP President Carlos Peralta. The ten-year WOFP leader founded the Trialogo di Roma in the 80s, a meeting between Christians, Jews and Muslims. This humanitarian work has established peaceful dialogue between the three cultures, to which Peralta actively participated during two decades. (Rome, Italy 2009)

Iraqi flags in Europe, waving for Football and Peace.
Photo Mediaset Sport
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The Footbal Match for Peace was held in San Siro, Milan, Italy. Pictured here are both selections, the National Iraqi team and the World Ambassadors for Peace team.
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Iraqi people came from all parts of the world to see their national team.
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In this exciting moment, the Iraqi National team coach is united with his daughter again after eight years - another miracle of football and Peace.
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� International Federation / Christopher Black / p1985
Foto: Federaci�n Internacional

The Ivory Coast's Minister of National Reconciliation, Sebastien Dano Dj�dj�, delivers his speech on peace. He is an important agent for peace and reconciliation in his country.

Ivorian Ambassador and UN Representative Guy-Alain E. Gauze delivers his speech on the reconciliation process in his country. The Ivory Coast has decided to say no to war and is now a country at peace.

The young leader of rebels from the north country Konat� ZI� ABOUBACAR. His message was very clear: NO to war and YES to a united, peaceful country.

Marco Materazzi, Embajador Honorífico por la Paz de la OMPP

2006 Italian world champion Marco Materazzi, OMPP WOFP Honorary Ambassador for Peace.
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Lionel Messi, estrella del Barsa, con el libro Fútbol y Paz en el Mundo

Argentine football player and world champion Lionel Messi, who is also a young star in Barcelona and OMPP WOFP Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for Peace, proudly shows...
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Roberto Abbondanzieri, player on the Argentine National team and star in Getafe, Spain, is also an OMPP WOFP Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for Peace.
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Hernan Crespo, Argentine world champion playing in Inter, Italy, is an OMPP WOFP Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for Peace.
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Carlos Tevez, OMPP WOFP Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for Peace, star of the English football...
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Pictured here is football player Edmilson Jose Gomes de Morales, star player of Barcelona. Thanks to his positive behavior during the matches and in his personal life...
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Barca football player Sylvio Mendes Campos 'SYLVINHO', is an OMPP WOFP Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for Peace.
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Ivory Coast football player Serge Die, OMPP WOFP Honorary Ambassador for Peace, currently involved in French professional football, is a permanent and loyal contributor to African war victims.
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Joseph S. Blatter, FIFA President, who underscored these words: "Peace is a valuable treasure"�
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Monodia performing before thousands of people.

Dr. Domenico Latino, left, together with other members of the Monodia band.

Ex-Secretary-General Rodolfo Jose Roade stands alongside Advocate Solange Payer Schrim, Protocol Director of the OMPP in Africa. The Secretary General offered his report on the situation in Africa.

Letter of Peace

The World Organization for Peace is a non-profit institution and its function will be to preserve human life on the planet and outside of it.
This Worldwide Organization, WOFP/OMPP, will conform to the guidelines of the United Nations, which is the ruling parent organization that together with the countries which are members, determines and proposes the destinies of our humanity.

The WOFP/OMPP will have as its key purpose a proposal of a ceasefire on the entire planet, and at the same time promote a peaceful dialogue within endless paths, in order to ensure a culture of lasting peace and contentment for all.
The historical foundations of mankind have been built on constant wars and unjust confrontations that only have made us lose an incalculable number of innocent life's up to date. Mankind has had to pass through enough things to be able to become conscious and at the same time distinguish with clarity between good and bad, understanding the benefits that he can contribute for a better future in mankind.

For this reason the WOFP is permanently inviting people from all the fields: educational organizations and mass media corporations worldwide so that they, within their scope and programs, continue with their contribution in good of a culture of peace.

The WOFP will fight worldwide for human dignity, its healthy existence and fair rights, for a ceasefire in all their forms, at the same time our Organization will be fight against anything that threatens the health or mankind's life. It will promote dialogue which is the real path towards a better pacific coexistence.
This Organization is represented by people of good will whom belong to different nationalities, religions and cultures, who have the vocation to serve unselfishly towards their fellow men, with the aim of working indefatigably towards a better and more peaceful world.
Peace is a good which is worthy of every human being and at the same time necessary to all, it does not have owners and it will only be obtained with the effort, tolerance and good predisposition of all humanity.
This constitutional charter of the OMPP/WOFP was signed in Geneva, Switzerland, Town of Peace, on the 6th day of the month of August, 2005..


Distinction " Professor for Peace " at the International Olympic Committee

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Office of the World Organization for Peace of Rome, organized a ceremony of tribute to the Professor for Peace, Muhammad Abdul Aziz Ahmed Al Baker. He was given an honor distinction by this organization through the General Secretary of the Italian headquarters of OMPP WOFP.

The ceremony was attended by members from different countries and the President of the Organization Carlos Peralta, where they highlighted the next Football All Master Seniors cup for the World Reconciliation which involves 26 countries that have suffered different conflicts and wars. This event is programmed for 2017 in the capitals of the Gulf countries, European cities and others in America. The Professor for Peace, proposes a world without wars and sanctions for countries that are managers of the war, that themselves should devote security systems to mitigate all illegal actions and act against terrorism.
In order to develop a culture of peace and a general welfare for everyone throughout the planet in the next fifteen years, the OMPP WOFP will provide projections of this program to the United Nations and UNESCO, who can make this possible through the effort and the willingness of all, contributing in this manner for a better future. see more


We are holding meetings in various official continental areas , such as the European Union's African , Asian and , to contribute to new projections in favor of human life .
The multiplication of conflicts and displacement of different populations seeking safety from many local confrontations and between countries, exceeding the last world war. To all this the lack of water are added , famine and natural disasters in different parts of the world , where we understand that the United Nations governing body , which seeks the welfare and harmony of peoples, this collapsed with so many events.
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Asuncion, Paraguay (3/20/2012) Paraguayan President SE Fernando Lugo Mendez welcomes WOFP President Carlos Peralta and the official committee.
The World Organization for Peace OMPP/WOFP Delegation was received by the President of Paraguay, SE Fernando Lugo Mendez, who is seen here speaking with WOFP President Dr. Carlos Peralta. The committee, made up of Dr. Jorge Antonio Cinque, the World Humanitarian Bank Program's Director of Planning and Development; Juan Porta, Secretary General of the WOFP Paraguay; Dr. Ismael Candia Benitez, General Director and Head of the Paraguayan Delegation; and Leon Lipes, WHBANK Director of Sustainable Programs. In the meeting, the "World Cities for Peace" Agency declared the city of Asuncion as the "World Capital of Friendship for Peace". There was also an announcement regarding the activities of the World Humanitarian Bank Program, which will be supervising the PARABRABOL project involving the intensive production of low-irrigation crops in the Rio Bermejo Basin. It will also be overseeing the project for the construction of a railway between Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.

(Belmopan, Belize 2/22/2012) Members of the World Organization for Peace accompany Mayor Simeon Lopez of Belize's capital city, Belmopan. Standing in front of the municipal headquarters are Edwin Pena, Director of the Monterrey WOFP Delegation; Oscar Manzanero, Head of the WHBANK Program in Belize; Carlos Peralta, OMPP/WOFP President; Mario Monge, WOFP Representative of the Americas and the Caribbean; Lionel Christian Barras, Undersecretary of the Secretary General of the WOFP Geneva.
The World Organization for Peace's ICRA (International Center of Reciprocal Agreements between Nations, Peoples and Cultures) was recently launched in Cancun.

(Lorenzago di Cadore, Italy 10/4/2011) Engineer Guy Negre, the motor and car manufacturer and former Director of the F1 Renault, has launched the first compressed air-powered car, to be manufactured in Nice, France. The World Organization for Peace has awarded it the "Motor of the Future Award" for being a model for the reduction of pollution and elimination of fuel consumption. see more

Present religious ministers, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus.
Buenos Aires (04/26/2011) Photo. The Rev. Hindu: Swami Pereshananda; EparchBishop of the Maronites in South America: Archbishop Charbel Merhi; Imam Mahmud Hussain; Director of Islamic Studies for South America and Rabbi Aryeh Sztokman, Director of the School of Love; Dr. Graciela Yanovsky President FANCV Foundation; the President of the OMPP WOFP Carlos Peralta, International Director OMPP WOFP Indra Kattel and Kazumi Takagi of Journalists for Peace.
The Director for Asian countries OMPP WOFP Kazuomi Takagui, and member of the Agency of Journalists for Peace OMPP WOFP, expressed his concern for Japan and evidence of uncontrolled nuclear particles, which can be a part in triggering earthquakes and tsunamis.
More information Here.
In the province of San Luis in Argentina, was inaugurated on March 21, 2011; 256 km highway which was named "Highway for World Peace". The new route connects the city of Villa Mercedes with Arizona in the Pampas area, making it one of the world's longest highway maintained along its entire length by one name.

The governor of San Luis province, Dr. Alberto Rodriguez Saa, who was recently appointed Ambassador for Peace OMPP WOFP inaugurated the highway. The opening ceremony was attended by the governor, where was accompanied for the President OMPP WOFP Carlos Peralta, ambassadors and members of the World Organization for Peace, ministers, officials of the provincial cabinet, legislators, representatives of Aboriginal peoples in San Luis and neighboring provinces, mayors and people in general.
This is the first highway in the world, which has a name so evocative that motivates men with power of decision to take a new highway, which leads us to participate in the dignified human harmony and to partake of fair tolerance by all in a good peaceful coexistence, we can build a better future in Peace.
Moments when the Governor, Dr. Rodriguez Saa, appreciates the distinctions provided by the OMPP WOFP to the city and province of San Luis, as the World Capital for Peace 2011. See more
"Small Footprints". One achievement of the Ambassador for Peace OMPP WOFP, Sabina Colonna Preti, who brought 350 World young musicians in the Hall of Rai, in Torino (Italy). Directed by a 17 years old.
Declaration by OMPP WOFP of Cancun like World Capital Improvement of Climate Change, referring to the proposed city honored by the UN Conference of climate change COP16. The photo shows in the center: the Mayor of Benito Ju�rez (Canc�n) Jaime Hernandez, to his left the General Secretary of the World Organization for Peace, Mr. Rodolfo Roade and other OMPP WOFP officials: Mr. Indra Kattel, International Director OMPP WOFP, Mrs. Sonia Ethel Wlizlo, Counselor Minister and right side the OMPP WOFP delegate in Mexico, Mr. Ernesto Elizondo. Accompanied by municipal authorities.

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The call of the United Nations should be listened and respected for the benefit of everyone


Program for world reforestation and joint solutions presented by the OMPP WOFP
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The World Organization for Peace OMPP WOFP, declared the City of L'Aquila, as the World Capital of Civil Protection, in this act we see the authorities of the state and civil departments, which gave a great demonstration that can work together and in solidarity, saving and nodding to the victims of an earthquake. Next to the City Mayor: Dr. Massimo Cialiente, executives of the Italian Civil Protection, the local Red Cross, military commands, blood donors and different Firefighters of Italians departments. In this act, were appointed Ambassadors for Peace OMPP WOFP, Mayor of the City of L'Aquila, the Director of the Italian Civil Protection Guido Bertolaso and Dr. Roberto Lupica, Commander of the Firefighter Department of L'Aquila for outstanding work in this tragedy. Was remembered the firefighter who died in his service in the earthquake with a distinction, Commander Marco Cavagna. This incident, which left hundreds of fatalities was properly attended, providing all kind of coverage to the victims, the Italian state without resorting to external aid, by providing a model for other countries that have suffered an earthquake this high magnitude. See more

OMPP WOFP MR. RODOLFO ROADE. Buenos Aires 07.18.2009
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The World Organization for Peace OMPP WOFP, wants to express its appreciation for the approval of this historical agreement that the heads of the governments of the United States of North America, President Barack Obama and of the Russian Federation, Mr. Dimitri Medvedev, who decided to reduce nuclear warheads and missiles.
This positive decision was taken by common consent by the two world forces during the Summit of Mosque on the 6th July 2009, with the common aim to reduce by a third the nuclear warheads owned by the two countries. Starting the world reduction of weapons is the beginning of a new chapter that will provide security to the world, and the remaining countries will have to do the same, joining this program of disarmament. more information

Lecce Italia
Lecce, Puglia (Italy)

The World Organization for Peace OMPP WOFP, express its deepest consternation for the serious situation in the Gaza Strike, in a crisis threatening human life.
For this reason, Israeli and Palestinian authorities are called to act for an immediate Ceasefire and Israeli troops withdrawal from Palestinian territories, return to truce and pacific dialogue, as the only possible way to control situations that could lead to serious threats and avoid the loss of innocent lives.
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Iraq National Team vs Ambassador of Peace Team, world cup coach Pep Guardiola with Carlo Ancelotti and J. C. Garc�a for Ambassadors of Peace and Jorvan Viera for Iraq National Team.
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Granada, España
World Organization for Peace OMPP WOFP declared Granada "World Capital for Peace" More information


OMPP WOFP expresses its deepest admiration to this humanitarian work.

International Red Cross was established by his founder Henry Dunant in Geneva, Switzerland�. More information

Geneva (Switzerland) 24-01-08: Leaders of Youths, Rebels from the North and Rebels pro Government from the South of Ivory Coast, together say NO TO WAR

Acuerdo de Paz en Africa

In the major hall of the World Council of Churches in Geneva, OMPP WOFP organized a conference for peace in Africa. Here we can see Carlos Peralta, President of the World Organization for Peace, next to Thierry Legr� Representative of young patriots of Ivory Coast, in the centre S�bastien Dano Dj�dj�, Minister of National Reconciliation next to Konate Zi�, leader of the Rebels from the north, who in many occasions called for the end of the war and the immediate disarm of the population. This act showed all people united, with no winners or losers and with no conquerors or conquered.
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The audience was composed by ministers, diplomats, reporters and other attendees. Everyone assisted with interest the "Double Match for Peace", a video created on December 29th in Abidjan, starring the major international players of African football. The most important moment was the projection of the video showing the reconciliation in Ivory Coast and the difficult task that Minister S�bastien Dano Dj�dj� carried out so that all parties could sign the end of the war.


Mr. Kofi Annan with Mr. Carlos Peralta, President of OMPP WOFP, during the presentation of the Dove of Peace of Geneva.
05-11-2007 Geneva, Switzerland.

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Carlos Peralta, President of OMPP WOFP, Berlin 09-07-2006
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Football succeed in getting together North Korea and South Korea
National teams of North Korea and South Korea, in a match for Peace. Only football can make two people forget politic contrasts and enjoy the 90 minutes of this kind of sport, participating in a pacific relationship that this sport fosters and transmits through Fair Play.

Carlos Peralta President of the World Organization for Peace OMPP WOFP Shanghai 26.03.2008 More information


(Abidjan 29.12.07) The President of Ivory Coast HE Laurent Gbagbo, in the center George Weha holding the trophy of Peace and next to him the President of OMPP WOFP Carlos Peralta, during the friendly double match of International African football Players, which gathered 50.000 attendees, in a divided country that only football could unite.
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OMPP WOFP awards Honorary Goodwill Ambassadors for Peace, Lionel Messi, Roberto Abbondanzieri, Hern�n Crespo and Carlos Tevez, together with the Director of International Relations and Organizations Department Adel Moukthar and Bruno Nicolis, Director of Institutional Affairs. On September 24th in Geneva, Switzerland, those people will attend the act of the World Organization for Peace when they will receive a distinction enabling them to carry out this humanitarian mission.


Message of Joseph S. Blatter for the book Football and Peace in the World

Football to the service of Peace

Pace is something to be treasured. After all, we all crave it. Unfortunately, nobody seems to take responsibility for it. It is always a case of 'let someone else do something for peace. In many ways, we even believe ourselves to be innocent bystanders.

Why should that be? Why do we do so little for something that is so important to us? Maybe because peace requires virtues that we seldom display in our day-to-day lives: patience, understanding for our fellow man, tolerance, compassion, and forgiveness and sacrifice in particular.

Peace begins within all of us. We must all be willing to show these virtues in our daily lives and in society in general. Keeping the peace involves actively seeking dialogue when confrontation raises its ugly head. Peace is not merely the polar opposite of war; it is a conscious decision to renounce anything that could harm the mind, body or soul of a fellow human being. Peace is harmony and active solidarity, because if the strong do not show solidarity with the weak, we simply cannot foster or keep the peace.

In this respect, football can �and must- lead the way. More than 250 million people actively take part in our sport. But if we also count their closest family members and friends, then football directly touches more than one billion people all around the world. Thanks to its universal nature, football unites people of all genders, colour and religion. Football, like no other sport, was always destined to show solidarity and thereby strengthen society as a whole, with even the deadliest of enemies coming together on the football pitch after the fiercest of battles.

We all have to use the medium of football to send a powerful, common message for peace. This book will carry that message to the whole world, and it will help to show that our sport can make this world a better and more peaceful place for all of us.

Joseph S. Blatter
President of FIFA

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Music band Monodia of Milan, Italy, receive from the hands of the President of OMPP WOFP Mr.Carlos Peralta, the distinctions of Goodwill Ambassadors for Peace.
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Remarks by the President of the OMPP WOFP Mr. Carlos Peralta in Word African
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Tiempo de Paz
Rome 20.07.2008: Carlos Peralta President of the World Organization for Peace OMPP WOFP auditorium of the Province of Rome (Piazza Venezia). This month of July 2008 for the OMPP World Organization for Peace wants to declare it as "Time of Peace."
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Synthesis of the History of the World Organization for Peace



Paraguayan President
SE Fernando Lugo Mendez
is pictured in the official reception held for WOFP President Carlos Peralta in the Mariscal Lopez Presidential Palace.

Live coverage by the Paraguayan national television chain of the words spoken by WOFP President Carlos Peralta greeting President
SE Fernando Lugo Mendez and the Paraguayan people at Mariscal Lopez Presidential Palace, accompanied by Directors of the WOFP and the World Humanitarian Bank.

The Mayor of Belmopan, capital city of Belize, receives the certificate of "Municipality for a Culture of Peace". Congratulating him is Mario Monge, and Carlos Peralta, President of the World Organization for Peace.

(Belmopan, Belize 02/22/2012) WOFP representatives from Geneva, Mexico, the Americas and Belize in the George Price Center for Peace and Development, just before signing the World Humanitarian Bank Agreement.

Carlos Peralta is introduced as the new WOFP representative for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, headquartered in Cancun. Also presented in this event was an edition of the new book called Messages of Peace to the World, signed by the Heads of State of the 193 member countries of the United Nations Organization. This book is the latest tribute to the United Nations by the WOFP and Journalists for Peace. Among the different authorities in attendance at the presentation was Advisory Minister Sonia Ethel Wlizlo, who in March 2012 will take over her position as International Director of the WOFP program called "Mother-Woman, You Should Be Protected".

Pictured here are Tourism Director Dr. Maximo Garcia and Public Relations Director Hayde Salda�a Martinez of the Benito Juarez Municipal Hall in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Also pictured is WOFP President Carlos Peralta, and the event host, ICRA representative and head of the World Organization for Peace in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Shown here are the panel speakers along with Mario Monge, host of the scientific conference titled "What Is Happening on the Planet?" He is accompanied by WOFP President Carlos Peralta, Mayan Chief Ac Tah, technical specialist in ecologically-affected mountains in the Himalayas Hang Sherpa, journalist Ultam Dahmala, and Moderator and Televisa reporter Susana Valdes.

(Monterrey, M�xico) 02/01/2012) La OMPP, inici� el primer d�a h�bil del a�o, con una reuni�n de colaboradores del Lic. Mario Gonz�lez Monge titular de la Secretaria de Cultura de San Pedro Garza Garc�a, en Nuevo Le�n. En la foto vemos al Se�or Secretario de Cultura Lic. Mario Monge con el Presidente de la OMPP Carlos Peralta y un numeroso grupo de profesionales de esta Secretaria de Cultura... ver más

El acto en tributo al Beato Giovanni Paolo, fue escenario en la casa Papal de vacaciones de los Papas en Lorenzago di Cadore Italia. Reunidas las autoridades locales, el Alcalde Mario Tramonti, los Comandantes de la Guardia de Finanzas y de Carbinieri, el Padre Don Sergio de Martin de la Iglesia de los Santos M�rtires Ermagora y Fortunato y el Presidente de la OMPP Carlos Peralta. ver más

El Ingeniero Guy Negr� con el titular de la OMPP Carlos Peralta, posan junto a dos mini unidades con motor a aire comprimido fabricados por MDI, los que ya est�n listos para reducir la contaminaci�n ambiental. El Ing. Negr�, inventor de estos motores y titular de MDI, considera que es un paso muy importante a favor de un mundo con aire m�s puro y natural.

La Dra.: Georgette Grayeb Embajadora por la Paz y Delegada de OMPP en Argentina, fue la presentadora de este evento, el que aporto una oraci�n universal por la Paz en el mundo y tambi�n se record� a las v�ctimas del reciente terremoto de Jap�n, una vez que fueron proyectados videos documentales, sobre terremotos y tsunamis provocados por experimentos en la b�squeda del Big Bang, film principal titulado; "La Naturaleza no es la Culpable".




S.E.M. Charbel Merhi, and the OMPP WOFP President Carlos Peralta with S.E Cardinal Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, Patriarch of the Maronite Catholics in the East. Vatican, October 2010.

The Mexican tenor Mario Monje, elected by Luciano Pavarotti for his academy and current secretary of culture of Nuevo Leon in Monterrey (Mexico) and Ambassador for Peace OMPP WOFP at the launch of Ameri Peace Cup with Mr. Ernesto Elizondo and President of the OMPP WOFP, Mr. Carlos Peralta. Accompany the conference the Mayor of Canc�n, Mr. Jaime Hern�ndez.

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary United Nations Convention on Climate Change.
Watch video.Here


The OMPP WOFP Congratulates EMMANUEL Singer of Mexico, having planted 639,000 trees and between ECUADOR MEXICO, and reforest the planet is achieved.
EMMANUEL Honorary Goodwill Ambassador of the World Organization for Peace OMPP WOFP, is seen putting his hands in cement for the Plaza of Volunteers for Peace
Former President of the Islamic Republic of Iran HE Seyed Mohammad Khatami, the President of the dedicated OMPP Carlo Peralta, his signature on his own message of peace embedded in the book, "Messages of Peace for the New Millennium", which Carlos Peralta is an author and director of the universal work, involving 192 Heads of State Members of the United Nations and Secretary General Mr Kofi A. Annan, initialed original messages in a tribute to the UN. More information
Former President of Albania Rexhep Maidani HE the President at his side of the World Organization for Peace, Carlos Peralta, both part of the congress and the NATO conference on Peace in the Balkans. (Tirana Albania 2006)
The Lady Ex Foreign Minister of the Italian Government, Dr Susanna Agnelli, accompanied by the Lord President of the OMPP WOFP Carlos Peralta in New York at the conference of Arab-Israeli peace. Dr. Agnelli who sadly has just died in May 2009, the OMPP WOFP remembers as a permanent manager for the Peace and harmony between the Mediterranean countries.

DT Carlo Ancelotti's AC Milan and Barcelona's Pep Guardiola DT both in "A Goal for Peace."
Photo Mediaset Sport

The spokesman of the Government of Iraq, Dr. Ali Aldabbag, a member of the Cabinet showing the cup Chamber of Deputies of Italy, and the trophy Raffaello Fellah, and the Medal of the Presidency of the Republic of Italy, accompanied by the Ambassador of Iraq in Rome Mr. Mazin and President Mr. Carlos Peralta of OMPP who is in the hands of Ambassadors for Peace Award.
More information
Mr Marco Pedrassi delivery to the selection of DT world of Iraq, Jorvan Vieira, the medal "Senate of the Italian nation."
More information

� International Federation
� ICRC / Thierry Gasmann / v-p-emb-e-00021h

Here the Ambassador of C�te d'Ivoire in Switzerland, Mister Emmanuel M Diarrassouba is greeting the panellists, the diplomats, the journalists and the other people of the audience, insisting on the fact that reconciliation is the only way to Peace in his country which can be cited as an example of Peace in Africa.

The President of WOFP is highlighting the fact that war can break out in less than 24h, and that peace process to lead different sides to an agreement takes too much time, knowing that too many people had already died before. This implies that people do their utmost that there could be a long lasting peace culture.

The young patriot of the South, Thierry L�gr� reminded the audience about the spirit of conciliation of M. Laurent Gbagbo, President of Ivory Coast who did the best he could to get his country united without great disparities.

Zinedine Zidane, estrella europea del fútbol, Embajador de Buena Voluntad del PNUD

In the picture, the worldwide European football star, Zinedine Zidane, Ambassador of Goodwill of the UNDP
More information

Ronaldo, la estrella brasilera del futbol mundial, posa con el libro Fútbol y Paz en el Mundo

Ronaldo, worldwide football star of Brazil, poses with the book: "Football and Peace in the World", which contains messages of the President of the FIFA Joseph Blatter and the 207 Chairmen of the associated Federations as well as the presidents of the 6 Continental Confederations.
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Didier Drogba, player born in Ivory Coast, the soccer goalie football star whom plays in Chelsea, is the ambassador of goodwill of the Program of the United Nations for the Development (UNDP), that contributes honorably with its mission through his image and popularity in the fight against the poverty.
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Samuel Eto'o, football star of the Spanish Team Bar�a, Ambassador of Goodwill of UNICEF, whom centers his work in the prevention of the HIV/AIDS, specially between the youngest population. The young football player born in Cameroon also participates actively with UNICEF in different ways for example: in the funds collection and making people aware of the children's rights.
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David Beckham Ambassador of Goodwill for UNICEF contributes with a special focus in the sports program for the development, which help the promotion of the sport to improve the quality of life of the children specially those whom are affected by poverty, diseases and divergence. A world star football player whom feels honored to be able to contribute in this humanitarian task.
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Raul Gonzalez, captain of the Real Madrid team and of the Spanish football selection, is Goodwill Ambassador of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) .
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El futbolista mundialista Luis Figo, un hombre de paz y solidario con los ni�os. Con su Fundaci�n Figo y como Embajador de Buena Voluntad de la UNICEF .
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George Weah, legendary African football player, who made his high shine capacity by the sports world, who today is the Vice President of Liberia and without breaks, develops its role as Ambassador for UNICEF. Contribute in any humanitarian activity, and always putting ahead its spirit of solidarity in favour of Africanness UNICEF.
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Former Secretary General of the United Nations, Mister Kofi A. Annan, next to Mr. Joseph S. Blatter, President of the FIFA, during a press conference at the central Headquarter of FIFA...
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The WOFP handed through its President to the city councilwoman of Milan, Ms. Tiziana Maiolo the "permanent flame of peace" because she is the person in charge of peace in this community.

The President of the WOFP (centre) with the Ambassadors of Music and Peace, the group Monodia.

Officer Carlos Peralta by the European WOFP OMPP, Dr. Carlo Balsamini in Tempo di Pace. Hall Auditorium of the Province of Rome.