AFRICAN WORD, Speech of the President of the WOFP OMPP

AFRICAN WORD, Speech of the President of the World Organization for the Peace OMPP WOFP, Mr. Carlos Peralta World Council of Churches, Geneva Switzerland, 23 November 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, our brothers of Africa summoned us here today, highlighting the importance of “the African Word” the message of this continent rich of human values, and other African Ambassadors who represent their continent all around the world and implement the law of God, which is meeting of people and mutual help, people living in this world must dignify it by taking care of it, respecting other cultures and supporting Peace, the most important value that humankind can easily reach.

The World Organization for Peace, through its Council of Communicators and the Superior Interreligious Council made by representatives of religions and official faiths, votes in over 37 countries to declare, this year, the World City for Peace. This city will be a leading example for other cities that will follow its style and solidarity, its civic education and the diffusion of a culture of Peace.
This organization also support the implementation and the launch of the Universities of Peace, a program based on the University of the United Nations in Colon, Costa Rica, first of its kind, and in 2008 it will also carry out fora, meetings and conferences with experts of various subjects in order to put together knowledge and implement in this way this program for a Culture of Peace and wellbeing. OMPP WOFP gives its help by mediating conflicts between men, people and countries, doing everything possible to support harmony between people.
Its initiatives are based on the permanent diffusion and support of mutual respect, backing the meeting of cultures with no intention to force them or change them, but fostering respect and pacific coexistence, as indicated in the founding principles of the United Nations, the only ruling organization that bases its action on the dialogue and ideas of its member countries.

Knowing the wealth that people living today inherited from a joint effort, will make it easier to gather in a unique starting point and work in favor of all people.
People living today inherited a great wealth from history even though many do not recognize it. We have been receiving knowledge and good and bad experience, now it is our task to select and analyze in order to avoid what is negative and take what is good.
The dream of many philosophers of all times would have been living in the current age sharing the pacific meeting of humankind and interchange between different cultures.

It is clear that this situation of confusion of people living in these rich times in the first world is due to the quantity of information circulating that even human mind is not able to assimilate but instead mistakes reality with fiction. Many times people are not able to understand human tragedies, like famine, problems of health, cultivations, upheavals, wars and terrorism, and prefer to watch TV or turn pages on the other side, and goes on to another chapter. Then there are statistics, people only touched by human catastrophes when they cause thousand of victims, ignoring that even one life is worth and represent a wealth of continuity and heritage.

Today people only look at those who have more, unaware of the great wealth they own and that they misuse fighting to reach an imaginary power and forgetting solidarity with other near or far people. All this for the unique purpose of living only for today and expressing a terrible selfishness, as they do not consider a future time for them, their descendants and whoever shares this planet that offers everything to us. Instead, we have been irreparably damaging our planet and now we must help to recover it with conscience and deprivations.

Only for selfishness and ignorance the human being exploited the efforts of man without sparing what only benefited him, as he has been doing with savage invasions of rooted cultures, cultures to destroy or modify, creating hatred and resentment that waste lives and many generations of oblivion, going back and forth, repeating the old saying that evil only brings evil and that good only brings good, as this is a true synonym of Peace.
Even the most prepared and able man can be ignorant, as he might live closed in his needs or selfishness so that his eyes are not able to see beyond his miserable reality.
For that, we must act for an immediate complete and lasting change, creating a starting point based on coherence and solidarity.

We must work to educate mass media on the style and ethic of information, because sending it out in a hurried way can damage people, if not knowing its counterproductive social impact. It is also important to educate people that every day are unaware spectators of human catastrophes, with a negative mindset, having breakfast with problems of other people or even complaining the day when this kind of information, already part of their daily life, is not provided. This is also a counterproductive effect because it creates a negative culture and detachment towards other people, causing a lot of insensitive people and supporting recession, destroying what has been built, following the path to despair – a path that taken in a different way can lead to the opposite direction. To turn all this in a positive way, we simply should try to think that facts, and so information, are charged with hope and positive messages, oriented to that better future aspired by everyone.

For this reason, if all of us plan to live in Peace, which is possible, first thing we have to do is stopping deceiving Peace as we are now doing everyday – many people pretend being as good as gold when instead they only bring discord, divisions and support hatred between people for their interests, while they should try to mediate and help the many ways to reach concord, understanding and harmony.

For this, a culture of truth is one of the basis to meet the goal, along with honesty, sincerity, transparency, this kind of acting will lead to an even and clear path, after many long speeches and philosophic theories, just by practicing a new chapter of the culture of Peace and harmony, finally rejecting human barbarity.


We should get rids of the idea of living in the present moment, this would be a life made of illusions and irresponsibility that can only last for a minute, supporting faith in the future that always existed and always will, as we owe everything we inherited from the past and the present.

Remember not to forget Africa, which has been shaken by international promises never accomplished, by discriminations, by historic crimes such as genocide lead by ambitious governors only working for their interests without any human consciousness.
Africa, as explained by the excellent author and representative of the world diplomacy, politic, economist and United Nations authority Issa Ben Yacine Diallo (former Cabinet Chief of Kofi Annan) is the cradle of humanity and future granary for the world.

Issa Ben Yacine Diallo who is today here with us and will honor us with his great experience in the international field and in the World Organization presenting to us his book on his beloved continent, AFRICA, titled “The new African space and its fundaments”.

The World Organization for Peace is honored to participate to this party with our African brothers and we only have to thank them for this opportunity and we will follow faithfully to our commitment.

Carlos Peralta
World Organization for Peace
Organisation Mondiale pour la Paix