Honorary Ambassador of Goodwill for Peace of the WOFP

The sense of duty of being Honorary Ambassador of Goodwill for Peace of the WOFP

The honorary Ambassador of Goodwill for Peace is elected by the Superior Inter Religious Council SIC and the Communicators Council CC, the decision to elect an outstanding personality whom could be a sports star, a celebrity, and a person involved in arts or a public figure at an international level. The honorary Ambassador will possess the exemplary values of an honest person with solid principles, which at the same time will participate, conveying his or her image of popularity as well as the actions done in favor of peace, and towards the world who will try imitating them.

Every Ambassador of Good Will must participate and accept the basic principles of the WOFP, which are: “AGAINST WAR”, “AGAINST TERRORISM, and “IN FAVOR OR LIFE”.

This honor distinction, which is bestowed by the World Organization for Peace (WOFP-OMPP), will promote through each elected personality, that Peace is not only a good of a few, because to be able to obtain it in a permanent manner, it must be build with the effort and the good predisposition of all.

World Football players Honorary Ambassadors for Peace of the WOFP-OMPP