Synthesis of the History of the World Organization for Peace

Since its founding, this organization functions as a humanitarian programme, which was established by men of good will willing to support selflessly the cause of Peace.
The Organization was designed in 1990 by its mentor and founder Carlos Peralta who, in the beginning of the 1980s, initiated the Foundation Messages of Peace to the World and participated in other humanitarian organizations.

In November 1990 the ‘Organization for Peace’ was created, functioning until August 2004 as an institution elaborating programmes and defining actions for the good of World Peace, such as universal books with messages of Peace written from 1990 to 2002, exclusively delivered by heads of the United Nations member states, in tribute to this global organization for its permanent work, for over half a century, in the interest of Peace. Equally, more than hundred of interreligious gatherings of representatives of various religions and worships were organized and projects were presented to international organizations and NGOs, most of which were realized. Also there was active collaboration with regard to pacific mediations, in favour of the meeting of mankind for a better future.

This stage of development, between 1991 and the turn of the millennium in 1999, was formative and constructive for the new organization, as well as for its founding members, who joined their experience and time, adding the support of professors, mediators, coaches, peace treaty experts, winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, former heads of UN member states, representatives of various religions and worships and journalist from more than 37 countries.
From 2000 to 2004, the ‘second phase of the project being registered was launched under a new name: World Organization For Peace (English) / Organización Mundial Por la Paz (Spanish) / Organisation Mondiale pour la Paix (French) / Organizzazione Mondiale per la Pace (Italian), with the acronyms OMPP and WOFP.

Since its start, the organization was designed by its mentor and co-founders with the aim and hope to find - once structured - an integration into the UN system, so that it could function as the proper agency developing Peace programmes within the United Nations, being the other areas covered by well known agencies such as UNESCO (education), WHO (health), UNICEF (children), FAO (food), ILO (work), UNHCR (refugees) and WTO (trade).

On 6 August 2005, the constitutional act of the OMPP WOFP was signed in Geneva, the ‘City of Peace’, Switzerland. The Peace Bell, adjacent to the building of the United Nations, was rung 365 times, symbolizing the continuous commitment to peace, every day of the year. The members of the Organization, as permanent guardians of the assumed mission, signed the founding act on the square of the Peace Bell.

In February 2006, after various enlargement acts and reforms of its founding statute, the OMPP-WOFP was registered at the Canton of Geneva, so that the organization, from the beginning of 2012, and if approved by the global organization itself, could be an agency of the UN, to contribute to the ‘Culture of Peace’ programme, serving mankind without receiving anything in return, in line with the principles and wishes of the founders.

Only the approach and impartial acting of the United Nations could bring a positive contribution to this cause and make the programme possible.
It is in consideration of the aim to transform itself in the Peace Agency of the UN that the World Organization For Peace (OMPP WOFP), decided not to apply for a consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN (ECOSOC).

The World Organization For Peace (OMPP-WOFP) is currently working to gain economic support for its programmes from one to three UN member states, in order to become an Intergovernmental Organization, after which, with the summing-up of the progress of its programmes and the development of its structure, it will officially ask to be accepted as Peace Agency of the United Nations. (Ref. Doc. OMPP . Key: 237-05-OP-33CR.



Messages of Peace exclusively delivered and signed by dignitaries (Universal Books) Awareness and commitment programme, emphasizing that Peace is possible for all.

Messages of Peace by the 192 heads of UN member states and UN Secretary-General Kofi A. Annan. ”Messages of Peace for the New Millennium” 1990-2002 (Manuscripts held by the Museum of Peace)

Messages of Peace by the FIFA President Joseph Blatter, the 207 Chairmen of the associated Federations and the presidents of the 6 Confederations. “Football and Peace in the World” 2003-2007 (Manuscripts held by the Museum of Peace)

Messages by spiritual leaders of the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu religions and other recognized worships. “Religions for Peace in the World”. 1990-2003, launched in 2005 (Manuscripts held by the Museum of Peace)
Message of Peace by the richest people in the world, for the realization of the book “The Richest People for Peace in the World). Launch in 2009 (Manuscripts destined to the Museum of Peace)


The best football players and other international sport stars, giving an example of Peace to the world. Various friendly football matches for World Peace. A demonstration of positive actions. Project started in 1996 – events organization from 1997 to 2004 - launched in 2005.

"VIDA x VIDA", (Life for Life), for Peace
Working materials in exchange of weapons.
Launch in 2008 OMPP-WOFP

“Painters and Sculptors for Peace”
Peace Awareness Programme, with distinguished international artists. Exhibitions.
Launch in 2007 OMPP WOFP

"“Squares for Peace” "
Creation of allegorical squares, showing that Peace is possible. With the participation of artists and sportsmen.
Launch in 2008 OMPP WOFP

Programme carried out in more than 100 countries calling governments and organizations to develop new Universities for Peace and/or include peace-related materials in educational programmes.
The first (UN-mandated) University for Peace, in Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica, serves as a model.
Project started in 2007, launch in 2008 OMPP WOFP

Programme aimed at raising awareness among mass media calling for worldwide disarmament under the slogan: “NO TO WAR”, “NO TO TERRORISM” and “YES TO LIFE”. A commitment that will benefit all - teachers, communicators, religious people, political leaders – all gathered for a better future.
Programme started in 2005 - Launch in 2009 OMPP WOFP

"WORLDWIDE SOLIDARITY", We all can. Everyone can. (OMPCH WHBANK)
A programme that is suitable for all, developing humanitarian compensation, that will help medium and long term development of an alimentary plan, educational and economic aid for the less fortunate, contributing to a durable Peace.
Participation of international banks and fiduciaries.
Launch in 2009/2010 OMPP WOFP (In preparation)

“World Humanitarian Bank” WHBANK
A programme to relieve famine, in cooperation with OMPCH Project elaborated in 2007 - Launch in 2009 Brussels-Geneva-Milan-Abidjan-Tokyo

Geneva, Switzerland. Estimated date of inauguration: September

Information from the General Secretary of the World Organization For Peace OMPP WOFP

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