Peace Missions
February 20th, 2007

The WOFP states
Viña del Mar, Chile,
International City of Peace
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The World Organization for Peace (WOFP), among its activities and missions carried out in favor of Peace, proposes to distinguish through this way, the cities that possess the conditions of the city of Viña del Mar. This honor was given to Viña del Mar since it is the messenger of good music and there songs are addressed to the world and it has an uninterrupted path in the broadcasting and showing of the different singers.

This city was elected among seven cities of the world and it was the first in South America to be elected with such an honor.

Music and songs are considered synonymous of Peace.
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Alcaldesa Sra. Virginia Reginato The World Organization for Peace, in February of the year 2007 stated Viña del Mar as an International City for Peace, and its mayoress Virginia Reginato Bozzo was named Ambassador of Goodwill for Peace.


The sense of duty of being Ambassador of Goodwill for Peace of the WOFP

Annually, the WOFP designates an International City for Peace, after 36 countries have voted at the offices of the World Organization for Peace, settling a final vote among the seven countries which become finalist. This task is done in Geneva by the Superior Inter Religious Council SIC and the Communicators Council CC, whom awards that city a worldwide distinction for a period of one year until another city which unites the same conditions or superior ones, is elected, contributing towards a better world in Peace.
Simultaneously, the title of Ambassador of Goodwill for Peace is offered to the highest authority, mayor or provincial governor of the elected city, whom will maintain his post as Ambassador of Goodwill for Peace while his public functions last and he shall promote and convey to the citizens, actions in the good of peace as well as citizens behavior. At the same time the mayor or provincial governor shall promote cultural events that teach a good and peaceful cohabitation, contributing to edify a future of peace and harmony.

Every Ambassador of Good Will must participate and accept the basic principles of the WOFP, which are: “AGAINST WAR”, “AGAINST TERRORISM” and “IN FAVOR OR LIFE”.

This honor distinction, which is bestowed by the World Organization for Peace (WOFP-OMPP), will promote through each elected personality, that Peace is not only a good of a few, because to be able to obtain it in a permanent manner, it must be build with the effort and the good predisposition of all.